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HTML5, CSS3, CodeIgniter, PHP5, WISA, ASP.Net, C#, AngularJS, WordPress, JQuery, JavaScript, Bootstrap AJAX, SQL server 2008 (upgraded to 2012)

Created custom Web applications using PHP5 (CodeIgniter), HTML5, JQuery, JavaScript, Bootstrap,, C#

  1. Developed Four major applications –
  2. Main intuitional web site
  3. User enrollment application
  4. Student study board to access study materials
  5. Online Exam Application.
    1. Used C# and PHP to develop all server-side applications.
    2. Used SQL Server 2008 as database server and IIS 7 as web server.
    3. Extensively developed Triggers, Views and Stored Procedure for data manipulation.
    4. Designed the User Interface screens using ASP.NET Web Technology, HTML5, CSS3 framework and JavaScript JQuery library to build client interface.
    5. Extensively used Bootstrap 3.0 and JQuery for rich user interface.
    6. Developed PDF creator to generate downloadable PDF using C#
    7. Used JQuery for creating different scriptings such as Ebook reader frame, menus and dialog boxes, calendar, calculator and printing options.
    8. Wrote concise, clean, modular codes with Microsoft Visual Studio 2013.
    9. Worked with WISA stack
    10. Involved in release into Production, Development, QA, and Staging.
    11. Optimized sites for usability, search engines and accessibility, and updated existing sites and content management systems.
    12. Used JIRA to follow Agile development model with SCRUM methodology.